ADN Programs Chula Vista, CA

Nurses care for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. They promote health, maintain health, and care for patients who are ill, injured, and in need of rehabilitation. The Associate Degree in Nursing provides the educational preparation needed for entry-level nursing. This course of study is available primarily for those who are new to healthcare. Certified nursing assistants and licensed vocational nurses may also enroll in the program and qualify for advanced placement based on an evaluation of their prior education and experience. LVNs, in particular, may need to complete a transition course and will receive credit to complete the ADN in two to three semesters. Graduates of a Board-approved program may apply to take the nursing licensure exam to practice as an entry-level registered nurse in various health care facilities.

Southwestern College

The Associate Degree Nursing program at Southwestern College helps students develop knowledge and skills to fulfil the role and function of a Registered Nurse. The curriculum incorporates studies in the humanities, natural and social sciences, and the field of nursing. Students will learn through nursing theory in the classroom as well as clinical practice at local health care facilities. Students will demonstrate the ability to participate and contribute to patient report meetings and analyze and prioritize information obtained, articulate professionally and competently in the healthcare setting, analyze, compute and provide medications to the patient, employ appropriate communication techniques when working with the diverse health care team, and demonstrate critical thinking skills in the formulation of patient care plans for patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Graduates will be eligible to apply to take the NCLEX to become a registered nurse. They will commit to lifelong learning through the formulation of plan to continue their education to the BSN and MSN degrees. Admission is based on a Multi-Criteria Points System. Applications must be submitted by the end of January each year. New cohorts begin in August annually.

Program Outline

Semester credits: 67 -71
Duration: 4 semesters

Course titles:
Prerequisites: Human Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, College Composition, Intermediate Algebra, Communication, Child Development, Psychology

Core courses – Pathophysiology/Pharmacology I, Fundamentals of Nursing, Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical/Lab, Pathophysiology/Pharmacology II, Maternal and Child Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing Clinical/Lab, Adult Nursing, Adult Nursing Clinical/Lab, Nursing Supervision/Leadership, Gerontology, Gerontology Clinical/Lab, Nursing Supervision/Leadership II, Lifespan Development, Humanities,

Admission criteria:

  • Submit an original ADN program application – typewritten or printed neatly in blue of black ink
  • Must have a SWC student ID number and email address
  • Submit copy of unofficial college transcripts – including SWC transcripts
  • Request official transcripts to be mailed or sent electronically to SWC Admissions & Records
  • Submit copy of high school diploma or transcripts, GED certificate or proof of higher degree
  • Provide copy of social security, driver’s license or state ID
  • Provide copy of CPR certification – Basic Life Support Provider/Healthcare Provider from the American Health Association
  • Submit copy of unofficial ATI TEAS transcripts showing all TEAS test results and copy of TEAS remediation proof if applicable
  • Provide copy of active certification or license: CNA, CMA, PCT, ER Tech, HHA, or VN license
  • Provide copy of Student Education Plan – specific to the program and dated within one year at time of application
  • Provide copy of Program Enrollment Prerequisite Evaluation form – applicable if prerequisite courses were not taken at SWC
  • Provide copy of physical exam/immunization forms filled out. The dates documented must match immunization records
  • Provide copy of immunization records indicating required immunizations or titers – COVID-19, MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B, Tdap, Influenza, 2-step PPD

Program Cost
The cost of the ADN program for students who meet the residency requirements is $8,164 to $8,487. Direct expenses will be highest in the first semester. The cost includes textbooks, uniforms, and instructional supplies. Other costs include TEAS exam, diagnostic tests, and transport to the clinical site. Financial assistance is available through the Financial Aid Office. Applications should be submitted early.  

Address: 900 Otay Lakes Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91910-7297
Phone: (619) 421-6700
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 89.71%

San Diego City College

The Associate Degree Nursing program at San Diego City College includes nursing theory and clinically-based training at local health care facilities. Students participating in the program at these facilities must adhere to the strict standards of conduct include safety, health, and ethical behaviors. Faculty will emphasis communication, critical thinking, leadership, nutrition, pathophysiology, informatics, nursing process, health promotion, diversity, evidence-based practice, patient advocacy, and age-appropriate care. Graduates will be eligible to apply to take the NCLEX to practice as a registered nurse. They will be able to make clinical judgments and management decisions, practice within the legal and ethical framework of the profession, use nursing standards to perform and evaluate client care, and commit to lifelong learning. An LVN-RN option is open to LVNs who have completed an accredited LVN program and the specified transition course. Admissions open on September 1 and end on November 1.

Program Outline

Semester credits: 62
Duration: 4 semesters

Course titles:
Prerequisite courses – Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Microbiology

Core courses – Foundations of Nursing, Pharmacology for Nursing, Medical/Surgical Nursing I, Medical Surgical Nursing II, Maternal Child Health Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing III, Psychosocial and Gerontological Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing IV, Leadership in Nursing, Electives include Pharmacology 2-7 and Nursing Skills Laboratory, Reading and Composition, Principles of Sociology or Contemporary Social Problems, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, General Psychology, Oral Communication or Interpersonal Communication

Admission criteria:

  • Submit an application to SDCC online
  • Submit official transcripts for evaluation – transcripts will not be evaluated without a request
  • Provide SDCC Student ID on all materials and requests
  • Review the Multi-Criteria Point System
  • Complete the prerequisite courses with a minimum grade C or better and a combined GPA of 2.5 or better – Microbiology, Human Anatomy, and Human Physiology – must have been completed within 7 years of application
  • Take the ATI TEAS test and request transcript results to be sent electronically to the SDCC Nursing Education Department – must have a score of 62% on each subscale
  • Purchase an American Data Bank/Complio subscription and upload results of immunizations into the system. Include copy of immunizations and titers with dates clearly printed with the application
  • Applicants with a CNA will receive extra points
  • Licensed Vocational Nursing must submit license and transcripts for advanced placement
  • Current CPR certification from the American Heart Association
  • Successfully complete a background check and urine drug screen
  • Strongly recommended: Complete all the general education requirements before admission to the nursing program

Program Cost
The estimated cost of the program is $9,000. The cost does not include a physical exam, immunizations, lab tests, background check, urine drug screen, textbooks, uniform s, and ATI learning resources.

Address: 1313 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101-4787
Phone: (619) 388-3400
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 100%

Palomar Community College District

The nursing program offered by the Nursing Education Department at Palomar College leads to an Associate Degree in Nursing. The program is open to persons of varied backgrounds and educational experiences. It provides theoretical and clinical learning experiences in nursing and integrates knowledge from related disciplines so graduates will be able to adapt to constant changes in health care delivery. The curriculum is approved by the Board of Nursing and reflects the states and competencies in the Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN). The school offers two program options – one leading to an Associate in Arts (AA) in Nursing and the Associate in Science (AS) in Nursing. Both pathways qualify students to take the NCLEX-RN and the coursework is identical except the AA requires additional general education units in American History and institutions. Licensed Vocational Nurses will be eligible to apply to the program and complete the requirements for an associate degree in just two semesters.

Program Outline

Semester credits: 67 -71
Duration: 4 semesters

Course titles:
Prerequisite courses – Fundamentals of Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology, English Composition, Intermediate Algebra

Core courses – Nursing I, Nursing Foundation I, Nursing II, Nursing Foundation II, Nursing III, Nursing IV

Admission criteria:

  • Complete the prerequisite courses with a grade C or better
  • Complete the ATI TEAS with a score of 62% or higher
  • Complete the Palomar College RN Application Sheet and Application Check List
  • Submit a copy of high school diploma, GED, CHSPE, or college degree
  • Submit unofficial transcripts of course work including any from Palomar College
  • Submit unofficial copies of all TEAS attempts including outdated exams
  • Have a valid Palomar student ID before submitting an application
  • Complete an acceptable background check and drug screen

Program Cost
The program cost of $6,609 includes tuition, textbooks, student enrollment fee, health fee, student center fee, parking permit, student activity card, name badge, ADB background check and drug screen, uniforms, supplies, physical, immunizations, textbooks, ATI, and graduate pin.

Address: 1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos, California 92069
Phone: (760) 744-1150
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 92.31%

Grossmont College

The Associate Degree Registered Nursing Program at Grossmont College prepares adults for a role as a professional nurse where they will diagnose and treat human responses to high-health risk problems. The program is open to persons with no health care experience – they will enroll in the traditional program and complete the requirements in two years. Persons with experience in healthcare as a licensed vocational nurse may apply for the LVN to RN transition program. The curriculum will cover core nursing courses as well as general education courses in the natural, behavioral, and social sciences. Graduates will be eligible to apply to sit for the NCLEX to work as registered nurses in critical, acute, chronic, ambulatory and home health care settings. New students are admitted in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Program Outline

Semester credits: 70-74
Duration: 4 semesters

Course titles:

Core courses – Nursing Pharmacology I, Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing I, Obstetric and Pediatric Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing II, Psychiatric and Community Health Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing III, Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology III, Human Physiology and Physiology Lab, Paramedical Microbiology, Public Speaking, College Composition and Reading, Introductory Psychology, Introduction to Sociology or Minority Group Relations or Introductory Sociology

Admission criteria:

  • Complete the prerequisite courses before applying to the Nursing Program – English Composition, Intermediate Algebra, General Psychology, Introductory Sociology, Public Speaking
  • Submit a completed application packet via mail
  • Submit transcripts (do not need to be official) with the packet
  • Submit official transcripts – sent to Admissions and Records – upon acceptance to the program
  • Submit printout of TEAS transcript showing all attempts and scores with the application. Electronic version is required upon invitation to the program. Must have a TEAS minimum score of 62%
  • Must have a high school diploma or transcript, high school equivalency or a higher degree
  • LVN applicants must submit LVN college transcripts
  • Documentation of current immunization – MMR, Hepatitis B, Tdap, Varicella, TB
  • A satisfactory physical exam report documented on the Nursing Program form
  • Read and sign the Essential Functions of the Nursing Student form
  • Have a current American Health Association CPR card for Healthcare Providers
  • Provide evidence of malpractice insurance
  • Complete an ADB background check and drug screen
  • Submit an awarded health care certificate for additional points

Program Cost
The approximate cost of the program is $5,800. The cost for physical exam, immunizations, uniforms, insurance, and CPR certification is not included. Financial aid is available for qualifying students.

Address: 8800 Grossmont College Drive, El Cajon, California 92020
Phone: 619-644-7000
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 100%

MiraCosta College

Students enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing program at MiraCosta College will receive the skills and knowledge to provide safe, competent, and compassionate care to patients in various health care facilities in the community. Theory and practical instruction lay the foundation for educational mobility, personal growth, and lifelong learning. The full-time program is offered in the daytime only. Graduates will be eligible to apply to the Board of Nursing to sit for the NCLEX for Registered Nurses. They may transfer the units covered to a 4-year college to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Licensed vocational nurses may apply to Track II and complete the requirements for the associate’s degree in one year after completing a transition course. Admission to Track II requires applicants to submit proof of a current and active vocational nursing license. New students are admitted to the traditional and advanced placement tracks in the fall and spring semesters.

Program Outline

Semester credits: 67.5-72.5
Duration: 4 semesters

Course titles:
Prerequisite courses – Introductory Biology: Preparation for Pre-Health Professions (Lecture/Lab), Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Composition and Reading, Intermediate Algebra

Core courses – Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication, Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing I, Maternal Child Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing II, Medical Surgical Nursing III, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing IV, Contemporary Nursing Practice and Leadership, Preceptorship Lab, Pharmacology Review and Update, (3 units from one of the following): Child and Adolescent Growth and Development, Introduction to Aging, Psychology of Personal Growth, General Psychology, General Psychology (Honors), Social Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Contemporary Social Problems, Comparative Cultures

Admission criteria:

  • Apply to MiraCosta College and obtain a student ID number
  • Complete the science prerequisite courses with a minimum grade C or better and a GPA of 2.5 or above. There is no recency requirement for the science prerequisites
  • Complete other prerequisites with a minimum grade C – Composition and Reading, Intermediate Algebra
  • Complete sociology/psychology and communication/speech to receive points in the Fixed Set GPA section
  • Submit official transcript in a sealed envelope from each college or university attended
  • Take and pass the ATI TEAS – other versions are not accepted
  • Complete a satisfactory health exam, lab tests, and immunizations before starting the nursing program
  • Submit results of lab tests for TB
  • Must be free from communicable diseases and infections
  • Complete a background check and urine drug screen
  • Attend an Orientation and Advisement Session
  • Be able to perform the essential requirements of the program
  • LVN applicants must submit LVN college transcripts and have a current license

Program Cost
Tuition and fees cost $752 per semester for resident students. Students must also budget for books, uniforms, supplies, testing, physical exam, and immunizations.

Address: 1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056
Phone: 760-757-2121
Phone: 888-201-8480
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 95.56%


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