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The role of nurses in healthcare has evolved over the decades, and with this evolution, there have been changes in the way they’re educated to meet their expanding responsibilities. The hospital diploma, which was prevalent in days gone by, has given way to the Associate’s degree and Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. The rise of organizations such as the American Nurses Association and American Association of Colleges of Nursing brought greater emphasis on higher education for nurses with specialties requiring a master’s and doctorate degree for entry. The National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine) made its own mark on the profession, pushing for hospitals to aim for a nursing workforce where 80% are BSN-educated. While the Colorado State Board of Nursing continues to recognize the ADN degree as acceptable for licensure, the complexities in healthcare will make it inevitable that the degree will lose its favor.

If you want to make a difference in your community and help others while working as part of a healthcare team, the ADN program may be a right fit. Unlike the BSN which requires a commitment of four or more years, the ADN will minimize the time spent in the classroom and provide abundant opportunities to care for patients and develop essential nursing skills. The best part is that you can have the best of both worlds by enrolling in a bridge RN to BSN program and complete your degree even as you begin working as a registered nurse after two years of pre-licensure study.

ECPI University

The Associate Degree in Nursing program at ECPI University equips students with knowledge and skills to maintain, restore, and promote patient health. Students will participate in classroom lectures and develop skills in a simulated lab environment to obtain a realistic outlook of the art and science of nursing in the complex health care environment. Clinical rotations in local healthcare facilities will emphasize the application of the theoretical principles learned in the classroom. Areas for emphasis include microbiology, acute care, medical surgical nursing, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and maternal newborn nursing. Graduates will demonstrate effective leadership demonstrating sound clinical judgment, use understanding of the disease process to determine appropriate strategies to prevent disease and promote health, and use best practices for provide competent, safe, and effective care.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 71
Duration: 18 months
Method of instruction: Traditional

Course titles:
General Education Courses – Anatomy & Physiology I w/Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology I with Terminology Lab, Anatomy & Physiology II with Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology II with Terminology Lab, College Composition, College Algebra, Culture and Diversity: Exploring the Humanities, Introduction to Psychology, Freshman Orientation, Study Skills Support

Core Courses – Dosage Calculations for Professional Nursing, Pharmacology, Concepts of Nursing I, Concepts of Nursing II, Concepts of Nursing III, Pathophysiology, Mental Health Nursing. Maternal/Newborn Nursing, Parent Child Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing I, Medical Surgical Nursing II, Acute Care Nursing, Dimensions of Professional Nursing, Nursing Capstone

Admission criteria:

  • Complete a Personal Admissions Interview
  • Submit an Application for Admission and Enrollment Agreement
  • Provide an official high school transcript or official GED test scores
  • Take and pass the Admission Assessment
  • Complete the required Financial Aid application
  • Complete the entrance assessment exam – TEAS with minimum required scores. Reading: 85, Math: 51, English: 60, Science: 55
  • Must have an overall GPA of 2.5 for high school or the last college attended
  • Provide documentation of any relevant healthcare work history
  • Complete an entrance essay on one of the assigned topics
  • Submit to a criminal background check and drug screen
  • Must meet the minimal level of essential functional abilities

Program Cost:
Tuition and fees cost $37,808 to complete the program in the normal time.  Students are given access to the required textbooks at no additional cost. Expenses for uniforms, supplies, and background check must be covered by the student.

Address: 5501 Greenwich Rd., Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23462
Phone: 757-645-9258
Toll Free: 844-611-0713
Fax: 757-497-8493
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 81.33%

Bryant & Stratton College

The Nursing associate degree at Bryant & Stratton College combines classroom, lab, and clinical experiences to prepare students for entry-level employment as a professional nurse. General education, science, and nursing courses help students develop a foundation in clinical decision-making, telecommunications technology, clinical simulations, and technical learning strategies. Graduates will have the confidence and competence to provide safe and effective nursing care to patients in acute and long-term care facilities. They will receive the AAS degree and will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX for Registered Nurses. The school will administer the NCLEX-RN review course to prepare students for the exam. Licensed practical nurses who are currently licensed in the state may apply for admission to the program. All students who complete the program should be able to use critical thinking and the nursing process to deliver safe, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive care, apply best current evidence and appropriate nursing judgment to guide clinical decision making, and collaborate and communicate effectively with patients and their families.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 72
Duration: 18 months
Method of instruction: Traditional

Course titles:
General Education Courses – Introduction to Information Literacy, Public Speaking and Rhetorical Persuasion, Research and Writing I, Research and Writing II, College Mathematics Quantitative Reasoning, Practices in Analytic Reasoning and Critical Thinking, Principles of Psychology

Core Courses – Anatomy and Physiology I, Microbiology Applications, Pathophysiology, Anatomy and Physiology II, Introduction to Nursing, Nursing Fundamentals, Lifespan Development and Nursing Practice, Family Child Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing I, Pharmacology for Nurses, Geriatric and Mental Health Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing II, Nursing Issues, Leadership and Research, Nursing Internship

Admission criteria:

  • Submit a completed Application or eApplication for admission to the college
  • Submit official US high school transcript indicating successful completion or official GED
  • Attend an interview with the Nursing Program Director or designee
  • Obtain college level placement scores on the English and Mathematics placement evaluations
  • Take and pass the TEAS. PN graduates from Bryant & Stratton College who have a valid LPN license are exempt from this requirement
  • Provide documentation of a recent physical exam and other lab test results including a drug screen
  • Submit to a criminal background check and drug screen as required by the clinical facility

Program Cost:
Tuition costs $9,450 per semester.  Additional costs include textbooks, uniforms, supplies, CPR certification, background check, physical exam, and fees.

Address: 301 Centre Pointe Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-499-7900
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: N/A

Fortis College

FORTIS College’s Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program provides students with academic and clinical instruction to prepare them for entry-level employment as a registered nurse. The nursing curriculum seeks to support the development of knowledge and skills to sit for the NCLEX licensure exam and provide safe and competent care in hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and long-term care facilities. Experienced instructors will emphasize the importance of lifelong learning and commitment to the healthcare needs of the community. The program is delivered in hybrid format which allows the completion of the less than 50 percent of the content online. Licensed practical nursing seeking to advance their careers can apply for special entry to the program. Submission of transcripts for evaluation is required for advanced placement in the program. The program is offered on a full-time schedule online. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm and from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday. Clinical rotations may be scheduled on any day, evening, or weekend and may require up to 12 hour rotations.

Program Outline
Quarter credits: 106
Duration: 96 instructional weeks
Contact hours: 1500
Method of instruction: Traditional

Course titles:

Courses – Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, General Biology, Microbiology, Introduction to Informatics, Effective Communication, English Composition, College Mathematics, Pharmacology, Health Assessment, Foundations of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing I, Maternal Newborn Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Leadership and Management, Community Nursing Concepts, Mental Health Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing II, Transition to Practice Capstone, General Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Fundamentals of Human Nutrition, Sociology

Admission criteria:

  • Must be a high school graduate or have a recognized equivalent
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must complete an applicant information form
  • Must attend an interview with an admissions representative
  • Take and pass the Wonderlic SLE with a minimum score of 16. Applicants who hold a current Practical Nursing license are exempt from the Wonderlic exam
  • Pay the enrollment fee and complete the tuition payment requirements
  • Must agree to and sign the Enrollment Agreement
  • Take and pass the HESI Admission Assessment Exam (A2) and sore 75 percent or higher on both the English Language Composite score of the A2 Exam and the Math Composite Score of the A2 Exam
  • Provide a valid form of identification with a picture, name and address
  • Must submit a copy of a current American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider card
  • Must sign the Allied Health and Nursing Programs Waiver
  • Must submit to ang pass a drug screen
  • Must submit to and pass a criminal background check

Program Cost:
The program cost of $49,412 includes tuition, enrollment fee, reference books, student kit, computer, uniforms, textbooks, e-books, background check, drug test, and licensure exam.

Address: 6300 Center Drive, Suite 100 Norfolk, VA 23502
Phone: (757) 499-5447
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 81.82%

Tidewater Community College

The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Nursing at Tidewater Community College prepares students for a career as a Registered Nurse. The curriculum includes theory in the classroom combined with clinical laboratory practice where students will use simulators and lab equipment to prepare for patient care in the complex health care environment. Graduates are eligible to apply to sit for the NCLEX-RN to obtain employment in physicians’ offices, long-term care facilities, hospitals, hospices, home health agencies, and rehabilitation centers. Admission to the program is competitive, so admission to the College does not guarantee acceptance to the program. Licensed practical nurses holding a current license in Virginia may apply for admission to the registered nursing program through the LPN to RN bridge or Advanced Placement.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 64
Duration: 4 semesters
Method of instruction: Traditional

Course titles:
General Education Courses – Human Anatomy and Physiology I, College Composition I, Development Psychology, Orientation to Health Care

Core Courses – Human Anatomy and Physiology II, Introduction to Nursing Concepts, Competencies for Nursing Practice, Professional Nursing Concepts, Health Promotion and Assessment, Introductory Microbiology, Health Care Participant, Health/Illness Concepts, Health Care Concepts I, Health Care Concepts II, Introduction to Psychology I, Advanced Professional Nursing Concepts, Complex Health Care Concepts, Nursing Capstone, Social Ethics

Admission criteria:

  • Apply for general admission to Tidewater Community College
  • Submit an official copy of transcripts from all colleges previously attended
  • Complete and submit the online Request for Evaluation of Previous Educational Experiences form to the Office of the College Registrar
  • Attend a mandatory Nursing Information Session before applying to the program
  • Complete all prerequisite courses with a grade C or better
  • Take and pass the Nursing Admission Assessment Exam (HESI A2) in the TCC testing center
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for courses in the nursing program’s curriculum of study
  • Complete the Nursing Application Self-Assessment form and apply to the program through the Beazley School of Nursing
  • Submit an official high school transcript or GED transcript
  • LPNs seeking advanced placement must submit a copy of a current Virginia nursing license and official LPN transcript
  • Paramedics and Registered Respiratory Therapists seeking advanced standing admission must submit a copy of their professional certificate/licensure and official education transcript
  • Complete a Criminal History and Sex Offender Crimes Against Minors Background Check before beginning the program
  • Meet the technical standards for nursing

Program Cost:
Tuition costs $11,862.40 for Virginia residents who complete the program in the normal time.  Additional costs include textbooks, uniforms, supplies, CPR certification, background check, physical exam, and fees.

Address: 121 College Place, Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone: 757-822-1111
Toll-Free: 800-371-0898
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 94.37%





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