DNP Programs Montana

The passage of the Affordable Care Act and the aging population increase the demand for primary care services in Montana. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are straining to capacity to meet the health care needs of newly insured individuals. Like other states, Montana has been utilizing the services of nurse practitioners to deliver primary care services to increase access to primary care in underserved areas. At the close of 2014, there were 1,116 advanced practice registered nurses in Montana. Nurse … Read the rest

MSN Programs Montana

As technology becomes more central to the practice of health care, a greater number of nurses are seeking advanced degrees. An advanced practice registered nurse, APRN, is a registered nurse who has taken additional coursework leading to a higher degree. This can be a Master of Science, MSN, degree or a doctor of nursing practice degree, DNP. With this level of education, a nurse is able to do physical exams, order lab work and analyze it, write prescriptions and instruct … Read the rest

BSN Programs Montana

There is a growing push in the nursing field for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the BSN degree, from healthcare employers. And the nurses themselves are reporting several benefits with the degree. These include greater earning potential, a wider perspective to see the bigger picture, and the ability to advocate for their patients more effectively.

The need for RNs is growing. In fact, the projected increase is 16% through 2024. These nurses are needed for an aging population, the … Read the rest

RN to BSN Programs Montana

The Bachelor of Science in nursing is not officially required, but it’s still highly favored over the associate’s degree in nursing. A significant number of registered nursing opportunities advertised in Montana require the bachelor’s degree for entry.

Staff nurses in hospitals face increasing challenges, such as sicker patients brought on by the aging population, heightened physical demands, and pressures to keep up with fast-evolving technologies. Moreover, fear of punitive actions for medical errors coupled with lower than anticipated wages create … Read the rest

Montana RN Requirements and Training Programs

Increasing nurse staffing levels has been a major challenge for hospitals nationwide. The periods of high vacancy rate in Montana rise and fall with changes in the population’s demographic, satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction of the current workforce, and career expectations of incoming nurses. According to a Federal Government study, vacancies for registered nurses will increase by 29 percent or 800,000 by the year 2020. In Montana, the demand for nurses is at an all-time high. The aging nursing workforce and a … Read the rest