BSN Programs Atlanta, GA

One of the best ways to improve your opportunities as you prepare for registered nursing is to enroll in a bachelor’s degree in nursing program. There are many different paths to becoming a registered nurse, but the BSN will open the doors to many areas of practice. This degree takes approximately four years to complete. However, there are fast-track programs that can be completed in three years – if you commit to year-round attendance.

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ADN Programs Atlanta, GA

Nurses are a critical part of patient care. The profession is as old as time but never have nurses’ role been as crucial, complex, and rewarding as it is today. The Associate of Science in Nursing degree prepares students with the skills to become primary caregivers to individuals, families, and communities. Registered nurses must have an expansive skillset that includes experiential knowledge, technical, and critical thinking abilities to assess, plan, and implement care plans to promote health, prevent disease, ensure … Read the rest

DNP Programs Georgia

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a doctorate for nurses and is the highest level of academic preparation they can attain. The program integrates coursework with practical experiences and scenarios to prepare graduates for leadership roles and to bring evidence-based knowledge to clinical practice, which will improve health care outcomes.

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Georgia RN to BSN Programs

A nurse with a BSN degree is better prepared to meet patients’ needs. The RN to BSN program provides additional education in management, leadership, community nursing, and wellness to nurses who have an existing ADN degree. At the conclusion of the training, the new graduate will possess advanced knowledge of disease prevention, risk reduction, and the promotion of health. Nurses today are venturing into the delivery of primary care in their communities; the BSN degree helps them to fill such … Read the rest

MSN Programs Georgia

A master of science in nursing prepares registered nurses for a role in nursing education or nursing administration. The program provides the advanced education for graduates to work as certified clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse anesthetics, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse midwives. Nurses completing the MSN program possess advanced management and development skills, excellent communication skills, and the ability to lead and educate other nurses.

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BSN Programs Georgia

A bachelor’s degree in nursing is an excellent option for current nurses seeking to expand their career options. A National Council of State Boards of Nursing report indicates that BSN-educated nurses qualify for 88 percent of available jobs. In contrast, those with an associate’s degree qualify for just 55 percent of advertised positions. There’s a huge push for RNs to earn their BSN as the degree is fast becoming the industry standard for entry-level nurses.

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Georgia RN Requirements and Training Programs

Registered nurses (RNs) are vital members of the healthcare team. They coordinate patient care, educate individuals, families, and communities about disease prevention, and provide emotional support to patients and their families. RNs generate and maintain patients’ records, administer medication and monitor patient reactions, record and report changes in patients’ condition, and consult with other healthcare professionals to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care plans. These and other responsibilities require RNs to have a wealth of specialized knowledge to promote … Read the rest