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The BSN in 10 Law requiring registered nurses to have obtained at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing within 10 years of their initial licensure to continue practicing has been established in the State of New York. The push for the BSN is a primary factor in the rise of online RN-to-BSN programs that allow registered nurses to work towards the degree without affecting their work schedules. The calls to make the BSN preparation as the minimum qualification for … Read the rest

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The global pandemic brought a national spotlight on the role and commitment of nurses in healthcare. Their bravery and compassion have inspired many to pursue a career where caring for others takes precedence. Nursing programs such as the associate degree in nursing offered at community colleges across New York have recorded a dramatic increase in applications making admission even more competitive than before. The entry-level degree is one of two pathways to registered nursing. The two years required for completion … Read the rest

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As the profession of nursing continues to grow at a rate that is faster than the national average for all professions, completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing will not only enable to make a difference in the lives of patients but also give you a competitive advantage in your job search. The BSN degree surpasses the educational preparation covered in the Associate of Science in Nursing and prepares students to manage the complexities of the fast-paced health care system. … Read the rest

ADN Programs New York, NY

An Associate Degree in Nursing sets the foundation for a rewarding and lifelong career serving others. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for registered nurses will increase 15% by the year 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Nursing affords abundant opportunities for diversity and career advancement with continued learning. There are over 60 specialties in nursing, and RNs can practice in various health care facilities including hospitals, patients’ homes, clinics, physicians’ offices, ambulatory care Read the rest

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The urgent need for more healthcare professionals is impacting the delivery of healthcare across America. The exploding baby boomer population coupled with a shortage of professionals to supply preventative care and health education to communities places undue strain on the existing workforce. New York is one of many states where there’s a shortage of primary care physicians, and the unavailability of primary care will go up as more residents acquire health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

The Institute of … Read the rest

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The predicted shortage of primary care providers, brought on by the growing population and an influx of newly insured persons, is a huge concern for health care administrators. Expanding the role of advanced practice nurses, particularly nurse practitioners, is one way state legislators respond to the need for primary care in rural and medically underserved areas. Given the trend to use APNs in these areas, it is easy to understand why the demand for specially trained nurses is predicted to … Read the rest

BSN Programs New York

Several research studies link a highly educated nursing workforce to higher quality, patient-centered care. A key recommendation of the Future of Nursing report published by the Institute of Medicine is to increase the education of the nursing workforce where at least 80 percent of practicing nurses will have a bachelor’s degree or higher by 2020. If you’re considering a career in nursing, enrolling in a BSN program from the onset will improve your chances of employment, job satisfaction, professional advancement, … Read the rest

RN to BSN Programs New York

The demand for highly skilled registered nurses is on the rise as healthcare becomes increasing complex. The State of New York accepts several routes for entry into practice, but the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is the preferred credential among employers and is gaining traction as the minimum preparation for professional practice. The American Association of College of Nurses already recognizes the BSN degree as the minimum educational preparation for practice in the complex healthcare environment. The Institute of … Read the rest

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Out of all healthcare occupations expected to grow at least 21% by 2020, jobs for registered nurses will have the highest growth and salary. The increase in aging Baby Boomers and greater access to health care will drive the need for more nursing staff at medical facilities. Once considered a middle-skill job by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the role of nurses has expanded to become a high-skill job as nurses focus on preventative care. The expanded role of nurses … Read the rest