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Registered nurses take on a sizeable role in patient care and restoration. Their role and responsibilities vary from one healthcare institution to another, but their basic functions remain the same. These include the administration of medications and treatments, updating patient records, observing patients and recording vital signs, collaborating with the health care team to develop patient care plans, and educating patients and their families. Registered nurses enjoy flexibility in their work schedules, higher than average compensation, job stability, and opportunities … Read the rest

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Nursing is a calling to care for people of all ages and diverse cultural, economic, and social backgrounds. Nurses form the largest part of the healthcare sector in the United States and demand is great for new nurses to meet expanding health care needs of society. Registered nurses educated at the BSN level are needed in acute and other healthcare settings for their leadership skills and ability to use evidence-based practice to improve patient outcomes. BSN graduates may also work … Read the rest

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As far as professions go, nursing has been listed among the more rewarding. Year after year, consumers agree that nurses go above and beyond their call of duty in the care of diverse patients and their families. If you would like to join the ranks of nurses who make a difference in the lives of patients, you should consider the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program to get a head start in the profession. BSNs enjoy steady employment in diverse … Read the rest

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Now more than ever in the wake of a global health crisis there are numerous opportunities for registered nurses. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is not the most common gateway to professional nursing but it is the most viable. Graduates of this track have the best opportunities and are very likely to enroll in the Master of Science in Nursing to take up an advanced practice role. BSN nurses work in all sectors of the health care industry and … Read the rest

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A registered nurse’s role extends beyond that of administering medication and measuring vitals. They counsel and support patients with the goal of improving health, overall wellness, and patient outcomes. Bachelor of Science degree nurses are active in communities educating individuals, families, and communities on the prevention of diseases and the promotion of health. They are more likely to be employed in acute care due to their critical thinking, sound clinical judgment, leadership, and use the evidence-based practice – skills acquired … Read the rest

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Nurses attend to the physical and spiritual needs of patients and are the backbone of the healthcare sector. Public opinion is unwavering in the recognition of the selflessness and nobility of nurse in the care of all patients. Apart from using their technical skills and understanding of the nursing process to restore and promote health, nurses inspire hope in patients and their families. The extra care and attention they provide are as important in the restoration of health as the … Read the rest

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Registered nurses who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree are known for their ability to care for vulnerable populations and use evidence to provide safe and quality care to improve patient outcomes. BSN graduates are committed to the pursuit of life-long learning and are often motivated to continue their studies to the graduate level to assume advanced level nursing practice. Employers recognize BSN-prepared nurses for their critical thinking, comprehension of complex issues in the delivery of healthcare, and … Read the rest

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Findings reveal that over ninety percent of BSN graduates secure employment within 6 months of graduating from the program. AACN data further reveals that the job offer rate for BSN graduates at the time of graduation is approximately sixty-two percent and varies from state to state. A common theme in all the data collected is that BSN graduates are picked up faster than their Associate Degree in Nursing counterparts and get the best opportunities to work and advance their careers. … Read the rest

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Registered nurses with a bachelor of science in nursing degree (BSN) work in various sectors of the healthcare including acute care, clinics, education, palliative care, homecare, community/public health, and correctional facilities. Since BSN nurses are continuously linked to better patient outcomes, they are more likely to secure positions in acute care and community health care settings. They also have better quality jobs due to the leadership, public health, management, and communication training covered in the BSN program. The BSN … Read the rest

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Employment opportunities for registered nurses who hold a baccalaureate degree are varied and abundant. Hospitals and other health care employers recognize and respect the educational preparation that the BSN programs and put BSN graduates to practice in ways that are not afforded to nurses holding an associate degree in nursing. BSN-prepared nurses demonstrate the competence, clinical judgment, critical thinking, and use of research to provide address the complex health care needs of patients in acute health care settings. They demonstrate … Read the rest

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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the gateway to a rich and rewarding career in patient care. As a registered nurse, you’ll provide direct, hands-on, safe care to patients to promote health, support restoration, and prevent the effects of common diseases. The BSN degree offers a broad education required for generalists but includes aspects that will enable you to utilize communication, organizational, administrative, and research skills to improve the delivery of care and the lives of patients. While there … Read the rest

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A career in nursing offers rich rewards to those who care for patients and make a difference in their lives. Gallup’s polls for the last decade listed nursing as the most trusted profession – a testament to the public’s confidence in nurses.  Apart from the rewards, which include public confidence, the profession is also in-demand. There has not been an end to the nursing shortage has plagued the healthcare system for years. The worldwide COVID pandemic has created further demand … Read the rest

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Nurses have an integral role in the healthcare system as evidenced by the continuous demand for professional nurses in all sectors of the industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, RN positions will increase 9% in the next decade. While the projections are positive, there is a greater demand for BSN nurses than nurses who have completed a diploma or associate degree program in nursing. Completing a registered nurse program, whether diploma, AAS, or BSN will prepare you … Read the rest

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In comparison to an Associate of Science in Nursing degree, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is costly, lengthy, and difficult. If you could begin practicing as a registered nurse in just two years, why should you invest the extra time and money to pursue a BSN degree? There are many good reasons to choose the BSN route to nursing. A key reason is the current drive by healthcare agencies and employers to boost the educational preparation of the registered … Read the rest

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Many nursing associations and employers today want the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree to be the requirement for entry into practice. They also encourage current registered to continue their education through RN to BSN completion programs. Studies have proven that BSN educated nurses provide a higher standard of care for patients and along with it improved clinical outcomes. Among the benefits that healthcare institutions derive from nurses with higher education include lower mortality rates, fewer medication errors, greater … Read the rest

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Nurses care for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. They promote health, maintain health, and care for patients who are ill, injured, and in need of rehabilitation. The Associate Degree in Nursing provides the educational preparation needed for entry-level nursing. This course of study is available primarily for those who are new to healthcare. Certified nursing assistants and licensed vocational nurses may also enroll in the program and qualify for advanced placement based on an evaluation of their prior … Read the rest

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A career as a registered nurse not only offers high demand but excellent compensation for nurses. Nurses carry a great weight of responsibility and hold the lives of patients in their hands. As such the profession requires regulation from a Board of Nursing (Ohio Board of Nursing in Ohio). The Board outlines the educational requirements for nurses and determines who will obtain a license to practice. To date, the Board accepts both Associate Degree in Nursing and Bachelor of Science … Read the rest

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vital role registered nurses hold on the health care team. In the face of uncertainty and risk to life, nurses stood their ground and attended to millions and their families. If the commitment and work of nurses have inspired you, then enrolling in an Associate Degree in Nursing program can put you on the fast-track to becoming part of a health care team. Nursing is a trusted profession with a reputation of honesty and … Read the rest

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The global pandemic brought a national spotlight on the role and commitment of nurses in healthcare. Their bravery and compassion have inspired many to pursue a career where caring for others takes precedence. Nursing programs such as the associate degree in nursing offered at community colleges across New York have recorded a dramatic increase in applications making admission even more competitive than before. The entry-level degree is one of two pathways to registered nursing. The two years required for completion … Read the rest

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Nursing is one of a few professions that offer financial stability and numerous opportunities for growth, diversity, and career advancement. While those rewards are beneficial in themselves, the best part of the profession for most nurses is that it is personally rewarding. There has never been a better time to enroll in a nursing program and enjoy the best that nursing has to offer. The global COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the demand for nurses to extraordinary heights, making it easier … Read the rest

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In the year 2020, the necessity and commitment of nurses were clearer than ever as they worked on the frontlines of the global pandemic. The workforce demonstrated unbelievable strength as they put their lives and the lives of their families at risk to respond to the needs of patients. All hands were on deck as even nurses prepared at the Associate Degree level were essential in helping meet the overwhelming demand for healthcare workers. As the world looked on and … Read the rest

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The abundance of prospects in nursing makes it increasingly difficult to enroll in nursing programs across the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for registered nurses is projected to grow by 9 percent from 2020 to 2030 – a positive outlook for aspiring nurses. The annual median salary of $75,330 is another factor that draws multitudes to this profession.

There are multiple paths to get into professional nursing. The associate degree in nursing … Read the rest

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Nurses work hard, think critically, and adapt to a multitude of challenges they face from day to day. It is no wonder the profession has held its position at the top of most trusted professions for close to a decade. Nurses are flexible, passionate, committed, caring, and smart. They are all things to all patients and provide just what individual patients need to recover from acute or chronic illnesses. These traits are not developed in a nursing education program, but … Read the rest

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The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic confirmed the vital role of registered on the healthcare team. Rather than avoid the profession altogether, the spotlight on the role of nurses in helping those who care vulnerable, caused many to change their career paths to respond to the call to nursing. Nursing has been one of the most in-demand jobs for the last decade. Apart from the positive job outlook, you will have a rewarding career caring for others, opportunities for job growth, option … Read the rest

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Nurses care for persons of every ethnicity and religious persuasion. They take a holistic approach to care that includes physical, mental, psychological, and emotional health and well-being. Associate degree in nursing programs cover liberal arts, sciences, and technical nursing courses to help graduates provide quality and safe care to produce the best patient outcomes. Apart from the technical abilities, nurses must demonstrate special skills to know how to prioritize care, collaborate with health care professionals, and practice within the ethical … Read the rest

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Well before the spread of COVID-19 there was a severe shortage of registered nurses within the healthcare system. Today, that shortage is even greater as employers scramble to boost their nursing workforce to ease the burden on their existing employees. The constant demand for nurses makes it a perfect time to get an associate degree in nursing and become a registered nurse. With this degree, you will still qualify to take the NCLEX-RN exam without spending a lot of time … Read the rest

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Registered nurses work on the front lines of health care to treat patients, provide advice, and offer emotional and mental support to families. They measure and record vital signs, create, implement, and assess patient care plans, supervise licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants, perform diagnostic tests, administer medications, start intravenous fluids, advocate for patients, and much more. Registered nursing programs cover all that is essential for nurses to provide patient-centered care at the entry-level.  The training also provides a … Read the rest

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If you’ve made up your mind to become a registered nurse, the Associate Degree Nursing is the fastest way to accomplish that goal. The ADN route is not as comprehensive as the Bachelor of Science Nursing, but you could be on your way to launching a rewarding career in just 24 months. ADN graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Exam to become registered nurses. Upon successful passage of this exam, you can begin practice and gain valuable … Read the rest

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Living life in the fast lane has its benefits. If you’ve made up your mind to become a registered nurse and don’t have the luxury of time, then an Associate Degree Registered Nursing might be what you need.  The ADN is just one option to a career in registered nursing. The program is designed to be completed in just 18 to 24 months. It comprises of courses in nursing and liberal arts, which will prepare you for success on the … Read the rest

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It is a great time to consider a career in nursing. The worldwide pandemic drew a spotlight on nurses and aggravated the decades-long shortage of registered nursing professionals. In spite of the risks to their own lives, nurses continue to do their jobs to provide support and save lives. Enrollment in nursing programs has been higher than ever as candidates respond to the call to care for others. The Associate Degree in Nursing program is a good choice if you … Read the rest