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Registered nursing programs that lead to the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing are the most common point of entry for prospective nurses. Graduates, like those of the Bachelor of Science Degree, will be eligible to sit for the Nursing Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) to practice as Registered Nurses. Through didactic and hands-on instruction, students will acquire knowledge and skills to develop and manage patient care plans, perform diagnostic tests, support patient comfort and stability, counsel individuals, families, and … Read the rest

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Nursing is an art and a science. Nurses use their compassion, knowledge and competencies to care for patients during the most trying times of their lives. If you’re compassionate and want to care for others in a profession that offers job security, career advancement opportunities, and abundant rewards, nursing is a great choice.

Associate Degree in Nursing programs will provide the academics and practical skills you’ll need to function effectively as part of the health care team. The training will … Read the rest

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An Associate Degree in Nursing sets the foundation for a rewarding and lifelong career serving others. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for registered nurses will increase 15% by the year 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Nursing affords abundant opportunities for diversity and career advancement with continued learning. There are over 60 specialties in nursing, and RNs can practice in various health care facilities including hospitals, patients’ homes, clinics, physicians’ offices, ambulatory care … Read the rest

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There’s an urgent need for qualified health care professionals to meet the needs of the aging population. Registered nurses serve on the frontlines of care, attending to bedside needs and maintaining the smooth operation of hospital wards. While there is a widespread interest in nursing, a national shortage of nursing faculty impedes the ability to prepare more professionals to fill vacant posts. Entry into the Associate Degree in Nursing program is usually competitive due to limited space and inability to … Read the rest

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Nurses are the lifeblood of the health care workforce. They supply doctors with vital information that will guide patients’ treatment. They spend a great deal of time with patients, assessing and observing them, developing and implementing patient care plans, and administering treatment and medication as directed by the physician. Nurses measure vital signs and draw conclusions, make clinical decisions, do diagnostic tests, supervise nursing assistants, and translate medical jargon so the patients will understand. They counsel patients in the areas … Read the rest

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Nursing stands as the fastest growing profession in the United States. One of the fastest ways to prepare for this rewarding but challenging career is to enroll in an Associate Degree in Nursing program and become a registered nurse in just two years. As a registered nurse, you’ll coordinate patient care, develop, implement and evaluate patient care plans, use research to improve patient outcomes, educate individuals, families and communities, and provide physical and emotional support to patients and their families. … Read the rest

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Nurses must be caring and compassionate, capable of upholding the high ethical standards of the profession, and demonstrate excellent critical thinking skills. They must have good communication and interpersonal skills to interact with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds and ages who may be vulnerable due to pain and uncertainty.

The Associate Degree in Nursing provides a fast route to entry into nursing. The pre-licensure program is not as comprehensive as the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, but it is … Read the rest

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A career in nursing is beneficial for those who enjoy caring for others. Providing physical and emotional support must always be a top priority for those who enter the profession, but there are other benefits of getting an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). The current need for nurses in the healthcare sector means there are numerous opportunities for new and existing nurses. Apart from the abundance of opportunities, nurses also receive excellent compensation for their valuable contributions. Nurses come in … Read the rest

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Nurses are a critical part of patient care. The profession is as old as time but never have nurses’ role been as crucial, complex, and rewarding as it is today. The Associate of Science in Nursing degree prepares students with the skills to become primary caregivers to individuals, families, and communities. Registered nurses must have an expansive skillset that includes experiential knowledge, technical, and critical thinking abilities to assess, plan, and implement care plans to promote health, prevent disease, ensure … Read the rest

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Nurses use their knowledge and skills to improve lives, counsel patients on living better lives, and advocate for patients and their families. A sharp increase in employment for nurses has attracted a lot of prospects. However, the rigors of the profession require a special calling. New nurses work unorthodox, and sometimes inconvenient shifts, perform duties that are less than desirable, and care for patients who might be unappreciative of their efforts. For those who are naturally compassionate, flexible, committed, and … Read the rest