ADN Programs Albuquerque, NM

Registered nurses work on the front lines of healthcare, bringing help and relief to those who are sick or injured. If you’re compassionate and want to make an impact in the lives of patients and their families, becoming a registered nurse may be worthwhile. As a nurse, you’ll collaborate with the health care team to support the recovery of health. Your duties will include checking vitals, dressing wounds, administering medications, and creating, implementing, and assessing treatment plans.

The Associate of … Read the rest

DNP Programs New Mexico

As a predominantly rural state, New Mexico faces major challenges in the supply and distribution of its health care workforce. The state’s supply of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists for the population is significantly below the national average. There are 15 nursing schools with limited capacity for enrollment, which doesn’t help efforts to reduce the significant health workforce shortage. Scholarships, loan programs, and special grants designed to attract new nurses won’t help if there are insufficient faculty to educate the … Read the rest

MSN Programs New Mexico

More than 170,000 adults in New Mexico became eligible for Medicaid in 2014. The vast majority of them did not previously have access to primary care. As the state struggles to maintain an adequate care network of physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, it is a good time to enroll in a nursing education program and help meet the population’s needs. According to the U.S. Dept. of Department of Health and Human Services, 32 of the 33 counties in New … Read the rest

BSN Programs New Mexico

The past couple years have brought a rise and fall in the supply and demand for professional nurses. While several surveys indicate that the nursing shortage might be over, executives bemoan the ongoing lack of nurses to keep up with patients’ needs, confirming a distinct discrepancy between projections and reality. The surge in new graduates by no means alleviates the shortage as employers’ preference for BSN graduates eliminates almost 67 percent of incoming nurses. Healthcare reform, the aging population, and … Read the rest

RN to BSN Programs New Mexico

As the demand for nurses increases, it brings with it repeated calls for increasing the education and training for existing and incoming nurses. Nurses who take the difficult step of going back to school recognize immediate benefits of furthering their nursing education. Increased responsibilities on the job, employer respect, better pay, and greater confidence in their abilities as a nurse are just a few factors that make it worthwhile. There’s been a jump in enrollment in BSN completion programs – … Read the rest

New Mexico RN Requirements and Training Programs

Given the likelihood that demand for registered nurses will not decline, it’s a great time to enroll in a nursing education program and become a nurse. As a multitude of existing nurses retire or move up to other positions, the labor market will depend on new graduates to assume those positions. Although foreign educated nurses help to curb the nation’s shortage of nurses, new graduates from U.S. nursing education programs help to relieve more than 87 percent of the industry … Read the rest