BSN Programs Virginia Beach, VA

The art and science of nursing are a critical part of the delivery of patient care in health care institutions. The complex cases that nurses must manage require a strong academic foundation combined with nurturing values like compassion and empathy to maintain the integrity of this age-old profession. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing delivers the educational experiences adults need to enter the professional with technical skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed. By enrolling in this pathway, you will understand … Read the rest

ADN Programs Virginia Beach, VA

The role of nurses in healthcare has evolved over the decades, and with this evolution, there have been changes in the way they’re educated to meet their expanding responsibilities. The hospital diploma, which was prevalent in days gone by, has given way to the Associate’s degree and Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. The rise of organizations such as the American Nurses Association and American Association of Colleges of Nursing brought greater emphasis on higher education for nurses with specialties … Read the rest

ADN Programs Richmond, VA

The evolving role of nurses in traditional and nontraditional health care settings presents opportunities for those who are willing to embrace new trends. The Associate Degree Nursing program prepares students to assume an entry-level position and adapt swiftly to changes, applying their skills in new and unexpected ways. The scope of the program is an illustration of transformations within the profession. Student nurses learn that health happens everywhere, and they must be equipped to manage patients in the community and … Read the rest

ADN Programs Norfolk, VA

Nursing stands as the fastest growing profession in the United States. One of the fastest ways to prepare for this rewarding but challenging career is to enroll in an Associate Degree in Nursing program and become a registered nurse in just two years. As a registered nurse, you’ll coordinate patient care, develop, implement and evaluate patient care plans, use research to improve patient outcomes, educate individuals, families and communities, and provide physical and emotional support to patients and their families. … Read the rest

DNP Programs Virginia

The highest degree you can earn in clinical nursing is the Doctor of Nursing Practice, or DNP. Unlike a Ph.D., which highlights extensive academic work, it is aimed at practical expertise in the clinical setting. The DNP opens doors to nurses in leadership, improving care and patient outcomes, and ensuring that people have access to the facilities and nursing they need. Armed with this degree, nurses help to integrate scientific advances and technology into information systems, policies that guide healthcare, … Read the rest

MSN Programs Virginia

RNs wishing to expand the care they can give patients can work toward a Master’s in Nursing, MSN, and Doctor of Nursing Practice, DPN. With these degrees, they are able to do physical exams, prescribe medicine, order labs and analyze the results and educate patients. Nurses who receive an MSN or DPN are called an advanced practice registered nurses or APRN. They can specialize as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Nurse Practitioner, as well as in other … Read the rest

BSN Programs Virginia

Technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered. At the same time, the population is aging, and the number of people suffering from chronic conditions is on the rise. To meet these needs, to stay relevant and to be prepared to deliver the highest quality care to patients, many nurses are pursuing degrees, both baccalaureate and higher. Nurses with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, a BSN, are better prepared to handle the challenges in modern medicine. They are equipped … Read the rest

RN to BSN Programs Virginia

Increasing complexities in the healthcare system, the correlation between educational levels and patient outcomes, employers’ expectations, and looming redundancy make it essential for registered nurses to seek higher degrees. Completing the BSN may not be an easy task, but is achievable. Working RNs believe that the degree won’t make them better nurses and that the rewards will be minimal, but an overwhelming number of graduates benefit from personal satisfaction, professional growth, and increased professionalism and confidence. So while health care … Read the rest

Virginia RN Requirements and Training Programs

Nursing is a special calling that offers many rewards to those who accept it. Professional nurses are daily heroes who touch the lives of the patients they serve. Sadly, there are not enough nurses to meet the demands of Virginia’s aging population. The Healthcare Workforce Data Center reports a steady increase in the number of new nurses, yet the numbers are too small to manage the healthcare needs of the exploding population. Registered nurses provide direct care services to individuals, … Read the rest