RN to BSN Programs Las Vegas, NV

Nurses provide patients with critical care and support physicians in the care and management of patients. Nurses work in various settings within and outside of the healthcare sector. Their most common place of employment are clinics, long-term care facilities, schools, insurance companies, medical offices, and nursing homes. Nurses holding a bachelor nursing degree have expanded opportunities for employment. They qualify for positions in hospitals, especially in magnet hospitals where there’s a commitment to excellence in care. Magnet hospitals invest in … Read the rest

BSN Programs Las Vegas, NV

Registered nurses take on a sizeable role in patient care and restoration. Their role and responsibilities vary from one healthcare institution to another, but their basic functions remain the same. These include the administration of medications and treatments, updating patient records, observing patients and recording vital signs, collaborating with the health care team to develop patient care plans, and educating patients and their families. Registered nurses enjoy flexibility in their work schedules, higher than average compensation, job stability, and opportunities … Read the rest

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There are approximately 48,000 active nurses (Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses) in Nevada according to the National Nursing Database. Even with this extensive workforce, there remains a shortage of nursing professionals to care for the growing patient population. The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing program offered in community colleges in Nevada meets the needs of the health care community by preparing adults to join the nursing workforce and replace those who are on the verge of retirement. … Read the rest

ADN Programs in Las Vegas, NV

The best nurses are compassionate, committed, problem solvers, critical thinkers, organized, and respectful. There are competencies that you’ll develop during the course of the Associate Degree in Nursing program, but the intrinsic values that set some nurses apart from others are compassion, empathy, and sensitivity. Nursing is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients. It also offers diversity and job security. The broad range of specialties includes pediatrics, hospice, and palliative care, psychiatry, emergency services, oncology, … Read the rest

DNP Programs Nevada

The increased complexity of patient care, national concerns surrounding patient safety, a shortage of nurse leaders to design and assess care, and increasing educational expectations for all nurses are just some reasons there are repeated calls for more graduate-level nurses. The Institute of Medicine’s landmark report also makes a call for increasing the educational preparation of healthcare professionals. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree will ensure that nurses have the highest level of preparation for advanced practice nursing in … Read the rest

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Sweeping changes in the U.S. healthcare industry geared at increasing access to healthcare to more than 50 million underinsured and uninsured individuals will challenge a system already burdened by the number of seniors needing long-term care. In other areas across the country, more than 66 million Americans have limited access to primary care. Lawmakers’ response to the health care crisis requires the preparation and introduction of more advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who will care for patients in homes, nurse-managed … Read the rest

BSN Programs Nevada

It’s an ideal time to become a nurse. The profession is both challenging and exciting, and as the Baby Boomer generation calls for continuous care, there will be numerous opportunities for well-prepared nurses. New technology and innovations have changed the face of healthcare, allowing nurses to care for patients in a way they never did before. Nurses should have a passion for helping others to add to the knowledge and technical skills they will obtain in BSN degree programs. Strong … Read the rest

RN to BSN Programs Nevada

Many nurses today may not want to invest more time and money to pursue further education if they’re already enjoying the benefits of a full-time job. Obtaining a BSN degree requires extra effort, but there are advantages of going back to school.

Fifty percent of the RNs currently employed in Nevada hold an Associate Degree in nursing. The increasing complexity of the healthcare environment forces employers and state boards to expand the roles and responsibilities of registered nurses. Nurses with … Read the rest

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Nevada’s nursing shortage is the worst in the country. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, there were 18,430 registered nurses employed in the state in May 2014. As the shortage of nurses is expected to grow by 19% by 2020, the healthcare sector will face some definite challenges. With just a few schools accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nurses (AACN), hundreds of eligible students are turned away each year. A lack of nurse educators … Read the rest