ADN Programs Columbus, OH

Nurses are the lifeblood of the health care workforce. They supply doctors with vital information that will guide patients’ treatment. They spend a great deal of time with patients, assessing and observing them, developing and implementing patient care plans, and administering treatment and medication as directed by the physician. Nurses measure vital signs and draw conclusions, make clinical decisions, do diagnostic tests, supervise nursing assistants, and translate medical jargon so the patients will understand. They counsel patients in the areas … Read the rest

ADN Programs Chicago, IL

Nurses must be caring and compassionate, capable of upholding the high ethical standards of the profession, and demonstrate excellent critical thinking skills. They must have good communication and interpersonal skills to interact with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds and ages who may be vulnerable due to pain and uncertainty.

The Associate Degree in Nursing provides a fast route to entry into nursing. The pre-licensure program is not as comprehensive as the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, but it is … Read the rest

Connecticut RN Requirements and Training Programs

Nurses navigate patients and their families through the most trying times. They constantly monitor patients, run tests, update charts, change IVs, administer medications, provide comfort, and keep patients hopeful through it all. Their commitment, professionalism, and calm dedication keep medical institutions going and give doctors the freedom to treat injuries and illness. A shortage of nurses on a hospital ward can pose worrying implications for administers and patients alike. Yet, according to the Connecticut Hospital Association, the state has been … Read the rest