RN to BSN Programs New Hampshire

The Institute of Medicine and Robert Woods Johnson Foundation are just two of several industry giants that advocate the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Their efforts to boost the percentage of the workforce holding a BSN is not a criticism of nurses practicing with an associate’s degree but a natural response to the changing health care system. The aging population, rise in chronic diseases, increasing complexity of care, and legislative reforms have broadened the role of nurses beyond the capabilities … Read the rest

BSN Programs Colorado

Nursing is an honorable profession. It offers opportunities to help others and lead out in community health. Although there are several paths to becoming a registered nurse, the associate’s degree in nursing remains the most popular as candidates seek to get the credential in the fastest possible time. However, more and more prospects are enrolling in a BSN degree program to enhance their employment opportunities and facilitate future studies. Even registered nurses, who initially completed the associate’s degree, count their … Read the rest