BSN Programs Florida

Widespread support for increasing the level of education for registered nurses is founded on studies reporting improved patient outcomes. The support of this measure from professional associations also serves to boost employer demands for BSN educated nurses. Numerous employers across Florida have already implemented hiring practices that favor BSNs. If the message wasn’t clear before, it’s clear now: To be ready for the future of nursing, you should plan on pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

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BSN Programs Alabama

Rapid changes and mounting complexities in healthcare require registered nurses to possess the educational background commensurate with the responsibilities to which they’re assigned. More than just using their skills within the corridors of the nation’s hospitals, RNs today are expected to practice across multiple settings and possess the confidence, skills, and experience to lead out in case management, clinical decision-making, and the implementation of patient care plans. Moreover, RNs are called upon to provide and oversee bedside care, supervise unlicensed … Read the rest

BSN Programs Georgia

A bachelor’s degree in nursing is an excellent option for current nurses seeking to expand their career options. A National Council of State Boards of Nursing report indicates that BSN-educated nurses qualify for 88 percent of available jobs. In contrast, those with an associate’s degree qualify for just 55 percent of advertised positions. There’s a huge push for RNs to earn their BSN as the degree is fast becoming the industry standard for entry-level nurses.

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